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AffiliateFest Update

by Nick Garner in Oshi Latest

Just a quick post from me,

I had been working with Neteller on something called AffiliateFest. It was held back in 12th of October 2015 and as you can tell by the title, it was geared towards affiliates.

I’ve been spoken at loads of conferences over the years and thing that annoyed me is the lack of follow-up and tight content planning between the organisers and  speakers. With that in mind we had the really heavy stuff in the morning, with more varied and lighter content in the afternoon. We also asked everyone to sign an NDA, which meant the speakers could be a lot more open about things.

In turn, we all shared new information and I think that helped make the day far more relevant and useful for the affiliate attendees.

Here’s a short video just giving a recap of the day.

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