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General product strategy

by Nick Garner in Oshi Roadmap

Were taking a very agile approach to developing the site. Agile is a software methodology and essentially it says “I know roughly where I’m going and I’ll take small steps in that direction, learning and iterating as I go”.

As you may know if you check us out, Oshi is part of 90 Limited, an online marketing agency specialising in Internet gambling. Fortunately, the upshot is that we know a lot about a lot of stuff to do with online marketing, web development and so on.

Instead of the usual route to market which is to find seed capital, spend a ton of money and hope it all works… Were bootstrapping the whole project.

Bootstrapping is a term that’s used in start-up circles where a project is self funded.

There’s a very sensible reason for this. It means we can take this journey at our own steady pace, learning as we go, instead of being forced to do things we don’t want do by outside investors.

Without all of that external pressure, we can tune into what our customers want and deliver it.

Having been in the iGaming sector for about 10 years now, one thing I have realised is how little differentiation there is between one online casino or another. I’ve also seen how customer retention is a huge issue for brands. It’s because people don’t have a great reason to stay, therefore they just go on and try the next casino and so on it goes.

If we can build something you love, you’ll stay and others will turn up and try us. And since were a Bitcoin casino, it easy for you to test us out. And if we do Bitcoin casino better than everyone else, it will be very easy to build up loyalty and the size of our customer base, therefore giving us more money to do even better things.

That’s why were going ‘site first’ and somewhere along the way, we’ll get involved in the marketing stuff.

Right now though, it’s all about getting a great site development roadmap full of things you will love.

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The first Oshi blog post

by Nick Garner in Oshi Latest


Nick Garner. CEO – Oshi

Since this is the first of many blog posts, I thought it would be helpful to give you some background on who we are, why were doing this and our general philosophy…

In Oshi, there’s a whole team of people working away getting the site launched and working properly.

The two main ‘faces’ of Oshi are Nick Garner (CEO) and Tom Finlayson (CTO).

I come from iGaming, I was marketing manager for large betting company called Betfair and then I had a middle management role in another large betting company; Unibet.

But, I got restless and wanted to take the next step in our journey and decided to set up an agency in 2012 called 90 Digital.

For a while, I had been looking at Bitcoin and its gradual rise from speculative and chaotic to more settled and more usable on a daily basis. Combine that with our collective experience in iGaming, we felt it just made sense to set up a Bitcoin casino.

The other huge driver has been the years of working with various iGaming brands and always feeling that maybe we could do it better ourselves.

One of the big things that’s really been frustrating is the way technologists make the marketing infrastructure really difficult to work with. So our main plan is to build the most usable, fast and pleasant bit coin casino website to be on.

I have no idea how well it’ll work… But what I do know is that being successful is much more about having a really close relationship with our customers and putting them first in whatever way we can.

We are using the SoftSwiss platform, because after a lot of research, we decided they were the best and most robust platform we could work with.

I know it sounds bizarre (if you’re a traditional marketeer), but our plan is to focus our money and efforts on rapid customer service and a great user experience.

That’s why were going to hang out on the forums and on Reddit and really do our best to be part of the Bitcoin community.

On the marketing side, since we specialise in SEO, we will do our best to be ranked on Google so were more easily discovered.

Anyhow, back soon with more updates.


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