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by oshi in Oshi Roadmap

Work_In_ProgressJust to give you bit of background on what’s going on, were launching the final set of ‘phase 2’ features over the next two weeks> They include:

  • Our personalisation algorithm, which connects games together by one or a number of variables. We’ve got something like 80 different attributes per game, which we then meshed together in our relevance algorithms, which then tie into user behaviour and ultimately lead to suggestions. It’s the kind of thing you’ll get on eBay or Amazon
  • Reload bonus of the day, for logged in users
  • Bonus of the day, for all users
  • Game pick of the day based on a group of games with varying attributes, so users have something interesting to look at each time they arrive on site
  • Logged in game pick of the day which is based on your user behaviour and the results from the relevance algorithms
  • The Oshi lottery – when you login, you will get free tickets to our in-house lottery, sometimes you’ll get loads of tickets and sometimes very few… We do daily/weekly draws
  • Microgaming games – we’ve got something like 500 games that were categorising at the moment and will go livevideo preview thumbnails for all games
  • Video preview thumbnails for all games
  • Tagging system, so you can search by tag, very similar to the kind of thing you’ll get in eBay.
  • Saved searches
  • A complete rewrite of the template, making the mobile experience far better and the site faster overall.
  • Proper caching and content distribution network integration, to make the site faster.
  • And a bunch of other stuff

At this stage were in the late beta, which means we’re getting there… But there’s still a lot to sort out.

Obviously with technology, it’s difficult to make promises on delivery times but… Were planning to have most of these releases out by mid-March.




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