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Why were sharing our product roadmap

by Nick Garner in Oshi Roadmap

As I mentioned in another post recently, we want to take a really collaborative approach to developing Oshi. Our success is entirely down to whether you like us or not. So the only way were going to work out what works best for you is to collaborate however we can.

So, we want to be open about where were going with Oshi and share our product roadmap with everyone. It then makes it easier for us to get your opinions and help steer our development activities towards things you actually want.

Were going to be hanging out on Reddit and Cointalk, so from there we should get involved in some important conversations, which will hopefully steer things. The plan is to centralise all of the feedback and idea flow here on the blog.

So, make magic happen!

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General product strategy

by Nick Garner in Oshi Roadmap

Were taking a very agile approach to developing the site. Agile is a software methodology and essentially it says “I know roughly where I’m going and I’ll take small steps in that direction, learning and iterating as I go”.

As you may know if you check us out, Oshi is part of 90 Limited, an online marketing agency specialising in Internet gambling. Fortunately, the upshot is that we know a lot about a lot of stuff to do with online marketing, web development and so on.

Instead of the usual route to market which is to find seed capital, spend a ton of money and hope it all works… Were bootstrapping the whole project.

Bootstrapping is a term that’s used in start-up circles where a project is self funded.

There’s a very sensible reason for this. It means we can take this journey at our own steady pace, learning as we go, instead of being forced to do things we don’t want do by outside investors.

Without all of that external pressure, we can tune into what our customers want and deliver it.

Having been in the iGaming sector for about 10 years now, one thing I have realised is how little differentiation there is between one online casino or another. I’ve also seen how customer retention is a huge issue for brands. It’s because people don’t have a great reason to stay, therefore they just go on and try the next casino and so on it goes.

If we can build something you love, you’ll stay and others will turn up and try us. And since were a Bitcoin casino, it easy for you to test us out. And if we do Bitcoin casino better than everyone else, it will be very easy to build up loyalty and the size of our customer base, therefore giving us more money to do even better things.

That’s why were going ‘site first’ and somewhere along the way, we’ll get involved in the marketing stuff.

Right now though, it’s all about getting a great site development roadmap full of things you will love.

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