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Oshi’s New Year’s resolutions

by oshi in Oshi Roadmap

Some important things were doing early 2016.


There’s been a problem with cubits taking transaction commissions from both us and you. What this means is that you deposit ‘X amount’, a slightly smaller figure appears on your deposit account. Although the numbers are really tiny, it’s an issue and it’s a huge priority to sort out as soon as possible.

Very shortly…

The site.
We had made the decision back in early December to push on with phase 2 of the site. This will be transformative and will take us in the direction we’d always want to go; e-commerce.

Why e-commerce? Because they do navigation and usability far better than most iGaming casino operators.

We have built a working early alpha phase site, which is coming along very well. If you’re interested, we have an HTML only demo site which is essentially a sophisticated wireframe to show you which way were going:



The site is based on a similar user flow that you’ll find on a real estate website, or a car sales website. I.e. there are a moderate number of choices (less than 1000) with filters and sort lists to help you find the thing you want. We’ve also kept the ‘Netflix’ look, because it’s pleasant and makes the game graphics stand out.


This is absolutely huge… And is foundation for the new website. We’ve done everything we can to make the site fully responsive all the way down to being usable on iPhone 4. Our overall plan is to make the site ‘device agnostic’, which simply means it really does not matter what device you use, the site will be fully functional for you.

By taking a really well thought out existing theme from theme Forest and reworking it for our use case, we’ve got something that from a CSS/HTML point of view is beautifully coded and pretty robust.


Un-Lasvegas… This idea percolated from the get go of Oshi. Why should a casino shout, disrupt, make themselves unwanted by being too loud? So were taking another direction which is to let the games do the talking. This idea has come from Netflix, Google play, Amazon prime video and of course our main influencer; Steam.

They all share a number of things in common;

  • the site is ‘invisible’
  • navigation is really easy
  • the content is King, or Queen 😉
  • they try to make themselves memorable by being brilliant at what they do, not by ‘shouting’ like so many casinos do.

And that’s the direction we want to take.

What’s next?
Were keeping an eye on existing live site, making sure there are no major issues and in the meantime were pushing for a beta release of Oshi 2.0 somewhere around mid January, assuming everything goes smoothly.

We’ve done a product roadmap which I’ve talked about it here in this post:

In short, the stuff we thought was just daydreaming is turning into a reality.

Our immediate priority is to make it easy for you to find games that you love to play.

This is where really good categorisation and attribution of games is critical, along with a simple tagging system that makes it easy for you to find any game you with your preferred characteristics that you want.

We’ve also built the foundations for very intuitive personalisation, the kind of thing you’ll get on Google, Amazon and eBay. So when you do a search, or pull up a list of games, one of the sorting options will be ‘most relevant’ and when done properly, it’s going to make it really easy for you to find the games you most love to play.

Mike will be working with the community to get feedback on features that you want and we will be pushing out releases constantly for the next number of months.

I’ll keep you posted on roadmap developments as they come through.



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AffiliateFest Update

by Nick Garner in Oshi Latest

Just a quick post from me,

I had been working with Neteller on something called AffiliateFest. It was held back in 12th of October 2015 and as you can tell by the title, it was geared towards affiliates.

I’ve been spoken at loads of conferences over the years and thing that annoyed me is the lack of follow-up and tight content planning between the organisers and  speakers. With that in mind we had the really heavy stuff in the morning, with more varied and lighter content in the afternoon. We also asked everyone to sign an NDA, which meant the speakers could be a lot more open about things.

In turn, we all shared new information and I think that helped make the day far more relevant and useful for the affiliate attendees.

Here’s a short video just giving a recap of the day.

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We’re live!

by Tom Finlayson in Oshi Latest

For my first post I figured I’d wait for something noteworthy to talk about – like that the fact that we just launched oshi! today.

Now that we’re live and purring along, this seems like a good time to take a breath and reflect on where we are and where we’re going.

The where we are is pretty simple – we’re at the beginning. And I like to think of it as a beginning as anyone who’s worked on enterprise sites for long enough knows, it truly is a journey. Often what was started with, what was envisioned and what actually happens years down the line are rarely in-line. But that’s a good thing! Ideally it means that site has changed, evolved and adapted to meet the requirements of its userbase and remains relevant years later.

This leads nicely into the where we’re going bit. Like I mentioned above, oshi! is a journey and we’ve just taken our first major step. The site is up, we have good basic functionality, and a great suite of games to start with. But it’s still a first step. Already we have a ton of features planned that we believe you’ll enjoy and are pretty unique to the iGaming space. This is where the journey gets interesting as we plan, prioritise and work on upcoming features.

So what are these features? I know on the forums and in other blog posts we (read: Nick 🙂 ) have been promising lots of great functionality and the ability for you to engage with us and guide our roadmap. This, like winter, is coming. Although I don’t have a Northern accent, I am, like Nick and the rest of the oshi! crew are, committed to being as open and transparent as possible about what we’re doing and what we’re planning. This will just take a bit of time to implement.

To this end I feel part of my role is to ensure we deliver on these promises. Not just to deliver on features, but to deliver on an open and updated roadmap, and to deliver on the two-way communication between oshi! and the community.

It will be interesting to look back on this in a couple of years time and see how things changed from there!


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