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Why were sharing our product roadmap

by Nick Garner in Oshi Roadmap

As I mentioned in another post recently, we want to take a really collaborative approach to developing Oshi. Our success is entirely down to whether you like us or not. So the only way were going to work out what works best for you is to collaborate however we can.

So, we want to be open about where were going with Oshi and share our product roadmap with everyone. It then makes it easier for us to get your opinions and help steer our development activities towards things you actually want.

Were going to be hanging out on Reddit and Cointalk, so from there we should get involved in some important conversations, which will hopefully steer things. The plan is to centralise all of the feedback and idea flow here on the blog.

So, make magic happen!

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oshi! getting to market strategy

by Nick Garner in Oshi Latest

As some of you may know if you check me out, I’ve been in the iGaming industry for about 10 years. Recently I spoke in Berlin at EIG  where I talked about the business case for a Bitcoin casino.

Since I launched Oshi, they figured I had something to talk about.

This is me being interviewed at EIG

The presentation is here:

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Philosophical thoughts on Oshi

by Nick Garner in Oshi Latest

oshiThe site

In essence, the more I dig into this whole adventure, the more I realise marketing is not central to making Oshi a great brand. In my opinion everything centres around the site. When I talk about the site, I mean the casino and making it different, more fun to be on and overall a more pleasant experience, than you will get anywhere else.

I often talk about sky scanner, a flight aggregation tool which competes against several other businesses that do exactly the same thing. The reason sky scanner has become so popular is because (in my opinion) it does something everybody else does, just a little bit faster and more intuitively.

Another way I look at this is that Oshi is in the game of incremental improvements. It’s one small step forward after another, improving the site and user experience which in time will make Oshi stand out above everybody else.

Open source

The other thing that I’ve realised is our success is not because we shout louder than anyone else, it’s because we are welcomed as a part of the community. That’s why I really like the whole idea of being open source by philosophy. If you don’t know what open source is all about, essentially it’s where people collaborate to build some software and the software is typically given away for free and the source code is open to anyone.

In Oshi’s case, what’s open source means to us is:

  • working with all of you collaboratively to build new ideas into Oshi
  • sharing our development roadmap, so you know where we’re going with everything
  • being transparent on the ins and outs of the business, so you understand exactly who you’re dealing with

On a high level we want to make Oshi something special to you…and to do that, it’s a case of building a sense of shared interest. What that means exactly, I don’t know but you get the idea.  🙂

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