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Customer services issues

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We’ve been having some glitches with customer services recently, highlighted in this thread from latest casino bonuses and so I thought I’d give you some more background on what’s going on and were doing about it.

Why people use customer services:

  • they’re claiming a bonus
  • asking for a substantial cash withdrawal
  • going through a ‘know your customer process’
  • dealing with some kind of glitch in the system

We work with a company called SoftSwiss who are an operations business. In other words they look after customer services, game integration, licensing and all of those ‘matter of fact’ processes that keep everything moving along.

We handle the marketing and the front-end website that you come in contact with when you’re on Oshi.

SoftSwiss are the operator partner for at least 19 different casinos. Companies like Betchain, Bitstarz and so on. Here’s a list of all the Bitcoin casinos we know of and whether they are operated by SoftSwiss or not.

Growing popularity of Bitcoin gambling

there are more and more casinos casinos popping up, SoftSwiss tell me business is very good and transaction volumes for all is growing.

What this means is pressure on customer services which in turn means they have to process more and more customer services queries, more quickly.

Bear in mind, were talking about thousands of customer services interactions a day and sometimes people end up not being given the attention they deserve.

Occasionally something comes up where there is a problem, it’s complicated and customer feels they don’t get the attention they deserve and end up unhappy.

This is a real problem. Why? Because these people trust us enough to interact with us and if we disappoint them, were failing on our core objective as a service provider to customers.

What were doing to fix this

SoftSwiss are doubling the size of their customer services team and this is happening now. Of course with recruitment it takes time because you’ve got to get the right people, but the main thing is the decision is made and recruitment has begun.

We are setting up an incident process, where if somebody is unhappy with the way they’ve been looked after we will dig into the incident and work with SoftSwiss head of customer services to sort it out.

I’ll post more information on the incident process as soon as it’s rolled out. Essentially it’s going to be a direct communication channel to us where we can get the full facts of the matter and raise its prioritisation if necessary.

We already have a community manager (Travin) who keeps a close track of what’s going on. He has been really helpful on flagging up and helping resolve issues that we see within the Bitcoin community.

We also have someone who monitors social media/Google/Internet landscape picking up on anything that is a customer satisfaction/dissatisfaction issue. We then get the information we can and then raise the matter with SoftSwiss customer services.

Dealing with the problem before it becomes a problem
We have together a knowledge base which is constantly being added to. The idea is to make it easy to get answers before you have contact a customer services representative. If you have a question, hopefully there’s an answer on the knowledge base.

You may have noticed were very transparent about who we are and how we go about our business. Transparency leads to accountability. And we are determined to be accountable on customer services.

As you can see we doing a lot of things in the background. Customer satisfaction is the very core of everything we do. It’s what’s driven
the way our site works, around finding games you want to play easily,
how our marketing is done, by spending our marketing money on bonuses rather than advertising.
And customer services, by having an in-house team of people responsible for keeping everything running smoothly

SoftSwiss have taken all this very seriously as well and as I mentioned earlier are recruiting heavily on customer services and were working with them to finalise an incident process so we can pick up all of those difficult customer issues which need more consideration than normal.



  1. Luigi says:

    closed my account but I have not asked for any bonus you must reactivate the account

  2. CryptoWins says:

    First off, I want to say that Oshi is strides ahead of any of the other bitcoin casinos online at the moment. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this blog because I do believe that it has set the bar HIGH for all the other bitcoin casinos out there. Taking the time to explain where a player is playing is just as important to taking the time to listen to a player. . . or at least explain/acknowledge what their concerns are (which I have never seen done as well as this). I have been trying to get answers about my account for a couple months now but after reading all of this my anger has subsided and I just want to say, “thank you.” I do still hope that we can resolve my account issue soon to so I can continue to play or at least get an explanation of why my account was disabled… but I can wait because the Oshi team is working hard as well as all the support team that we all are so quick to jump on every time we have to wait for a response or have to deal with a bit of technical difficulty. I look forward to seeing all the new things Oshi has to offer and hope you all are at least able to take a little break to celebrate 2018!! (=

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